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Our exterior detailing service goes beyond the standard car wash. I start the detail off by meticulously cleaning all wheel faces, barrels and wheel arches, using iron remover and wheel cleaning to eliminate brake dust and road grime buildup.


Next, I move on to the exterior wash, starting with a pre-wash foam spray to remove dirt and grime from the paint. I then apply an iron remover to get rid of stubborn road grime, breakdust, and tar buildup.

Once the paint is 50% clean, I perform a contact wash, spraying the car again with foam to add lubricant when washing the bodywork with a multi-loop microfiber mitt, which reduces the chances of swirling and micro marring.


After fully cleaning the car, I dry it off, dress the tires and all exposed plastic trims, and apply a 1-year sealant, which will keep the paint protected for about a year. Please note that if the car is left outside and not garaged, the sealant will last around 6-7 months.

Exterior Detail & Sealant

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