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-Exterior pressure wash 

-Exterior snow foam cannon

-Two bucket method shampoo

-Hand wash exterior body

-Clean alloys and tires

-Full dry and shine

-Clean windows inside and out

-Clean mirrors

-Vacuum interior and detail mats

-Floor mats cleaned 

-Tyre shine with long-lasting tire shine solution

-Boot vacuum and hinges cleaned 

-Wash inner door frames 

-Shine inner door frames 

-Rubbish clean 

-Clean center console 

-Clean all interior plastics

-All exterior plastics re-stored 

-Wheel arches deep cleaned and restored

-Exhaust cleaned

-Jams around engine bay cleaned 

-Leather seats and leather deep cleaned and restored

-floor mats and all seats upholstery cleaned and dried 

-Leather seats protected 

-New car smell restored 

Premium Exterior and Interior Detail

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