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If you're interested in joining our maintenance list for regular vehicle cleaning, we would love to hear from you! Our bi-weekly or monthly package is perfect for keeping your vehicle looking its best.


How do I become eligible for the maintenance price?


To become eligible for the maintenance list, simply book your vehicle in for a premium detail with us. Once we've completed the premium detail, you'll be eligible for the maintenance price on all subsequent details, which will still include all the premium details.


We recommend getting your vehicle cleaned on a regular basis to maintain its appearance and protect its value. The maintenance price is only eligible for 6 weeks, so be sure to book your vehicle in with us within that time frame to take advantage of the discounted price. After 6 weeks, you'll be charged the premium price for your next detail.


Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or if you're ready to book your premium detail and join our maintenance list!


What do we do?


-Exterior pressure wash 

-Exterior snow foam cannon

-Two bucket method shampoo

-Hand Wash exterior body

-Clean wheel faces, barreels and tyres

-Full dry and shine

-Apply a 3 month protective sealant

-Clean windows inside and out

-Clean mirrors

-Vacuum interior and detail mats

-Floor mats cleaned 

-Tyre shine with long-lasting tire shine solution

-Boot vacuum and hinges cleaned 

-Wash inner door frames 

-Shine inner door frames 

-Rubbish clean 

-Clean center console 

-Clean all interior plastics

-Leather seats cleaned

-fabric seats cleaned 

Maintenance Package

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