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Pre-Wash Stage


Thick Snow Foam Pre-Wash Vehicle 

High Pressure Water Rinse 

Wheel arches degreased, and Pressure Washed 

Wheel faces and barrels cleaned

Tyres cleaned 

All Door Jams Degreased, detail brushed and cleaned

Front grill detailed brushed to get in those difficult tight spots and pressure washed 

Bug and tar removed 

Two bucket method 

Full body Clay bar to remove contamination embedded in paintwork

Iron remover to remove all the iron and contamination in paintwork 


Masking Preparation Stage


All Plastics, trims and badges masked off to remove chances of damages and compound staining 


Cut and Polish Stage 


1st stage machine cutting compound process removing paint work swirls 


2nd stage machine polishing process to shine paintwork 


Dressing Stage 


Once the vehicle is complete, we finish with dressing all plastics and trims to give it that show room finish.


70%-80% swirls and scratches will be removed. Deeper scratches will most likely still be visible from some angles.





Paint Correction Detail

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