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About Me

My name is George and I live on the Hibiscus Coast. I feel very fortunate to have grown up with the beach on my doorstep and to have been part of the Orewa Surf Lifesaving Community from the age of six. Over the years, I have trained hard in the ocean and the pool and have competed in numerous competitions around the country. Early in 2021, I was selected to be in the New Zealand High Performance Squad. In June 2022, I was  selected to be in the 2022  Youth Black Fins Team and will be representing New Zealand in the Worlds Surf Lifesaving Championships in Riccione, Italy, mid September to early October.


My passion for Surf Lifesaving was the main driving force for me wanting to start my own business. I needed a job that would give me the flexibility to continue training both morning and evening, while earning money to support myself. I also knew that I had to enjoy what I was doing in order to remain motivated…and this was where the idea of a car cleaning business was born!

The reason I chose car detailing over anything else, is that I can work daily on cars I one day hope to own. It is also a massive motivational boost and an amazing feeling once I have finished cleaning a car and can see the huge difference I have made. At the end of the day, it is nice to do something I enjoy and am good at. 

My Goal

My main goal is to start a successful business cleaning all types of vehicles, which will eventually lead to me owning my very own car detailing workshop. I would like to specialise in everything from cleaning cars to polishing and vinyl wrapping exotic sports cars.

My Journey So Far


The Idea behind Exin Car Cleaning

In 2020, whenever I had the chance to clean my parent's or my brother's car, I got straight to it. All because I enjoyed it. I used to sit down and watch videos showing how experts cleaned exotic cars. That's when I too decided I wanted to work on cars like that. However, back then, this was just an idea that had yet to be put into action.


Exin Car detailing founded

It was the lockdown in August 2021 that spurred me into action. I reached out to a close friend / successful business owner who gave me some awesome advice and mentoring. After this mentoring, Exin Car Cleaning Service was founded in late September.


So far I have cleaned cars that range from Mazdas all the way up to hi-spec Maseratis, Audis, Mercedes, BMWs and Porsches.

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